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None of my astrantias have flowered well this year. Usually I have masses of flower. Anybody else have this problem? They like some moisture but maybe it has been too cold and wet..? Anybody grown astrantia jumble hole?

I planted some astrantias earlier this year in our new garden - as yet they've not bloomed, but I live in hope ....

Highland Jeannie

I planted some astrantias earlier this year in our new garden - they're blooming very well - sorry!!  

I have a feeling so much rain ....and they were fed well....just created growth at expense of flowers this year. Have cut them back...Sorry dovefromabove, you doubt this will work so late in th year, don't you?......and hope they will flower later. Gardening is about experiment and trying things. And Jumble Hole? Has anyone grown this variety
I have only one Astrantia,which normally flowers most of the summer no trouble at all,this year not so,foliage is badly marked and flowers not much colour,for a better description, it looks sick, think will cut it back and give a feed.



Well, I have to apologise but mine have done really well and the bees have absolutely loved them this year! I don't think it's the damp weather as I'm situated on the edge of Marsh Grazing Land so we have been decidedly 'boggy' all year and they've done ok!

I'm no expert but wondering if your plants need lifting and dividing to encourage more growth and flowers next year?? How old are the plants?

Someone else might say this is completely wrong but just a thought??



@ Christopher, you're getting to know me  and you're right, I doubt it'll work this late in the season, but I'm looking forward to you telling me I was wrong - I suppose it depends on whether we get an Indian Summer this year - we certainly deserve one!

I've just been out and looked at my astrantias and there's absolutely no sign of flowers, but as I said these were newly planted late this spring as we're creating a new garden here, starting from scratch.  In my last garden, which was north-facing and alternately damp then parched, the astrantias were superb and when we left last August they were in full flower.  I lifted and divided them about every three years, and as the garden was 'city dirt' they were mulched with organic farmyard manure every year which seemed to suit them.  

You may be right, if they've had a lot of nitrogen-type feed they've probably grown a bit lush and without having had any sun to stimulate flowering ....  what about giving them a small dose of tomato fertiliser to encourage flowering?

I'm looking forward to seeing mine flower next summer - that's gardening, already looking ahead 12 months!

I don't know Jumble Hole, but having Googled, it looks gorgeous and is one I'll definitely consider for the future.

Jean Genie

Sorry but I'm on Higgy's team . I've got '' shaggy '' and for some reason it's done better than ever this year - loads of flowers. Going to google jumbo hole -never heard of . I use fish, blood and bone everywhere at the beginning of the season - maybe they got a bit more than others. Strange things afoot in the garden this year , had a clematis that came back from the dead and have some oddities growing.

Maybe all the rain .

My plants are a mixture of 4 year old and newish plants so don't feel splitting is the problem....unless they need it earlier??? Soil is rich sandy loam, enriched over the years with seaweed, mushroom compost and garden compost with an annual dressing of fish blood n bone. Thanks dovefromabove, I did consider potash via tomato fertiliser and used seaweed extract spray. It's interesting hearing views on forums such as this because it helps to think out of the box......I.e. that maybe I don't have all the answers! I am watching astrantias cut back and those not to see what happens but I do agree an earlier cut would have been wiser

My astrantia have done better this year and I have not treated them any differently.   I think they have benefited from the wet weather as we have sandy soil that drains very quickly. I just keep adding as much homemade compost as possible and mulch. I have just looked on the Internet and several sites advise you to deadhead after flowering to encourage a second flush. I am going to try it. Nothing to loose.


I bought small astrantia plants from eBay in May. They have all grown well and all but one are flowering... sorry 


Loads and loads of flowers here in East Midlands, spread gently by seeding themselves - no help to you, but maybe they just need to establish well?


I don't 'fuss' to much with mine, they are at the front of a mixed perennial border on heavy clay which stays quite damp and they get sun for about half of the day. If you look at plants for damp shade Astratias are generally listed somewhere, I wonder if they are getting too much sun on free draining soil? It would be interesting to see if some planted in a different aspect and soil would flower any better in your garden?

My only maintenance is to dead head a little and I will divide them next year which would be their 3rd/4th year. They have always seemed to do well for me with a little neglect in the feeding department etc....?


As I said until this year they flowered really well. Big mounds of foliage this year. I have a feeling next year they will be superb
Hey! My astrantias are flowering. It must be this crazy season. Many of the plants I cut back hard earlier are now in bud so expect a.colourful late summer and autumn

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