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I've been given some aubergine plants, no sign of a flower yet. I'm thinking these would be better as foliage plants in the garden rather than hoping for fruits. What do you think folks?

I think you are right. I read somewhere that aubergine seeds must be planted early to give them a long season if you want fruit. You might get a few blooms though as a late treat for the bees.  


That reminds me - there's some aubergines languishing in the fridge waiting to be roasted for Baba ganoush ................... 


There's a large one in my fridge Dove, Got it from sainsbury's

Thanks Peter, you've confirmed what I thought


This year I have grown some grafted aubergine plants and they have produced some gorgeous aubergines

 The plants i grew from seed are just producing now - I sowed the seeds in February

Pam LL x




That is really impressive LL

Lilylouise. I'm impressed too. How big are they, mine must have been dwart one at about 3 to 4 inches long


These are on a dinner plate - they were a very  good  size - I have picked 10 so far - the plants will only produce  4 or 5  each but it is worth it

2 of the aubergines have been a bit larger

Pam LL x



Re my post above, I read about aubergines on the GW website. Long season needed indeed.

Now someone help me please; don't aubergines keep the same skin colour all their life? So an unripe purple aubergine will be purple, a young white auby will be white, and so on.

Lilylouise  your fruits are a good recommendation for grafted plants.

Kathy 2

Wow, Lily, I'm very impressed! If mine turn out half as good, I'll be a happy bunny. Mine (grown from seed) are only just flowering and in a small plastic growhouse - I believe they like to be warm.

Nut - a snail keeps getting at mine (it goes on holiday - by air - if I see it ) so would dread to think what would happen to them in the garden!!

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