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I treated myself to a little browse around a fancy GC this morning while I was child free, and came away with 3 x little aubrieta plants & 3x fuschia (dollar prinzessin) The fuschia had a sign saying it was too early for outdoors... Should I keep them in their little pots on a windowsill for a while before hardening off? The aubrieta were already outdoors so am I ok to put them straight out? I'm wanting to try growing them in various cracks in paving etc, so how to I split them? Thank you!

Take the aubretia out of it's pot and gently tease the roots apart. Make sure there is a little earth in the paving cracks before planting; keep watered for the first few weeks

Jim Macd

I wouldn't split them. Take cuttings, they come so easily from cutting. Just take some peaces that don't have flowers and plunge them into gritty compost. To be honest they'll probably root no matter where you stick them they're that easy.


I would pot the fuschias into slightly larger pots, you may need to do this again before they are ready to go out.

Its nice to treat yourself isnt it? I think us gardeners should do it more often.

Jess is in the Garden

What?! A gaden centre visit on a Tuesday and CHILD-FREE to boot?

Envious? Moi?




I would keep the fuchsia in a cool place, not heated, although it is a hardy one and cant go out just yet because its young, it still wont like heat or sun on it.


I'm treating myself on Friday 

The aubretias will romp away very quickly. I'd agree with Lyn about the Fuchsia care. Give them a bit of time in a bigger pot.

what is child free? haven't had a day to myself for nearly 3 years! do get ooh.. an hour or two at a time.. if it's a special occasion maybe 3...!!! i have to go to gc where there's a friendly cat and fish to look at! as i mentioned in another post i do something wrong with aubretia everyone says it's easy but all mine have always been sparse, put 3 new ones in last week, on top of large rocks but in soil better luck this time?

Jess is in the Garden

Ah yes, the joys of garden centres that have friendly pet cat, fish tank, even cool ornamental animals to look at - all add up when trying to get that precious 15 minutes alone to choose a plant, without kids 

That said, my 6 yr old is a star and loves garden centres so much (I trained her well from an early age), that I have a new 'problem' now: she goes and gets her own trolley, then proceeds to liAd it up with "all the plants we need for our garden because they are so pretty", leading to much deliberation and compromise before reaching the tills

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