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Hello Everyone, This is my first post and I am hoping that some of you gardeners out there will be able to help me.  My son will be getting married on August 23rd this year and I am hoping to grow some of the flowers to decorate the tables etc.  We are looking for a fairly informal affect. I live in Kent in the SE, I have a greenhouse and will be able to give over several vegetable beds to flowers this year. Does anybody have any suggestions for flowers/plants which would be looking good in late August.

Happy New Year to you all.


Salino that date, Aster's are usually at their best... I would certainly try those ... many varieties available...


Sweet peas should be in full bloom in August from a spring sowing.  Lots of different colours available.

Dahlias are good for cutting for table decorations. small pompom ones would be best

.Phox paniculata are still flowering through August.

Dianthus, ESP if held back by removing flowering stems, would provide nice scented blooms in a wide range of colours.  A bed of pinks and carnations will provide loads of flowers.

Heleniums would be at their best then.  What about the SINGLE dahlias...twynings after eight,  yellow Honka, etc?  Agastaches too....some really good varieties now.  Hostas, if denied earlier flowering, will produce nice scented blooms.  Pelargoniums, argyranthemums, asters already mentioned but Little Carlowe and Frikartii Momch are superb,  echinaceas, malva alba, penstemons, etc etc.  

cosmos should be flowering then. Lovely daisy like flowers with fab ferny foliage. They generally grow quite tall but I've found the so called "dwarf" varieties only get to about 75cm tall. Might be nice for table centre-pieces. You could try gladioli too. As already suggested, phlox would be in flower and is beautifully scented



Loads of annuals will be in flower then. Sarah Raven has lots of advice about cut flowers.

My daughter married in August, a few years ago, and we did the bouquets for the tables, it was informal and the evening meal was outside.

Here is a photo of all the little bouquets we did, but they are all close together on a table, being watered by a friend of my daughter. I grew most of the flowers in the veg. garden, Lavatera Silver Cup, cornflowers, love in a mist, salvia farinacea, white asters, and others and roses from elsewhere in the garden.




So pretty .  You must have been delighted with the result!

Well, the most comprehensive solution from Busy.    How impressive is that?

Oh!  Meant to say "welcome to the forum Peony7". 


Hi Peony!

We did my daughter's wedding at home at the end of july this year.  Planned for sweet peas but becuase of the heatwave they'd all gone over.  Dahlias were great;  and the cosmos were fantastic (you can grown lots from seed and they'll be ready for picking as long as you keep deadheading).  I tried to grow some gypsophila but failed completely.  Alchemilla mollis was lovely as a filler - do you have any in your garden?  Helenium was looking good, too, although we didn't use any on the tables.

Good luck - keep us up to date on how you get on!



Wow - Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply - I now have a very comprehensive list. Lovely photograph Busy Lizzie a gorgeous display. All I need now is for the rain to stop!!  I had thought of cosmos already Ginglygangly but not the dwarf variety - the foliage is fab! Thanks



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