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 I suppose the dahlias and polyanthus flowering together in my garden are not that unusual - but I was surprised to find petunias and hellebores doing the same you have oddities too?

I can't really claim any plant oddities but did spot my OH doing a bit of digging this oddity in itself

Sorry Berkley

Alina W

I had a columbine finish flowering less than a week ago - the latest I've ever known.

Mark 499

One of my Hellebores has decided to bloom again.


Do you think your hellebore will flower again when it's supposed to?



I have a foxglove in flower which has a spike just 6 inches tall.  It doesn't look like it will get any bigger either.


Is it as odd as the one I posted yesterday Bob?

I have a white cyclamen in flower -  from Dovefromabove



I have white hellebores in flower. Also ptimroses, but then I did expect that after giving them a big hair cut.

Mark 499

No idea if the Hellebore will bloom again at the right time, will be interesting to see.

I hope it will. (If it's still there....) most things are being blown everywhere at the moment.


nutcutlet wrote (see)

Is it as odd as the one I posted yesterday Bob?

No, that fasciated one was both strange and wonderful!  Here's a photo of the "Foxcubglove":

It really is only 15cm tall (see the aquilegia leaves to the left!)


Maybe there are always oddities.It's when we start sharing them that we realise how many

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