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lol meant to say  though . nite all

David K

I think that is a really nice pic, archiepem....especially if you enlarge it by clicking on it.


needs spliting  i think . 

David K

I post a pic of my Acer  a few days ago (18/1013) this is how it looks today.


 Remember to click on the pic.


Brilliant colour Brum.  Just can't grow the dissectum varieties to that quality down here.  Just a mile or so inland though huge impressive specimens abound.



can hardly believe its the same plant David stunning colour



Gorgeous colour david.K.

Acers don't like my garden.....

For me it's excellent.  Just realised its David's Acer again.  Gotta say I wouldnt shape it at all. Love the way it naturally "flows".  Which variety is it David?   Obviously protected spot for it.  Mine  has been excellent for the summer but leaves now gone.  Not a patch on yours though 

David K

Verdun - It's an acer garnet, as was the other one in a pot I posted.

I must admit, it is a very vivid red at this time of year.

Brumbull - you may notice in the pic at the top of this page (same acer) it is underplanted with hostas, though I have cut them back since that pic was taken.

David K



Still on the autumn theme, these were taken on Cannock Chase today:






thays really nice David K

David K
martymower wrote (see)

thays really nice David K

Thanks, marty.....I could have done without the barrier pole in front of the deer though.

David.  Mine is garnet too.  Not in the same league as yours.  Too much salt in the air for real autumn quality down here.


Lovely photos David - that first one really captures the essence of the season - fab


Beautiful pic of the Acer David. They grow well up here as long as they're sheltered. Passed a lovely one yesterday  - quite small but had a stunning soft orangey glow. Will have to go out and look for it again!



Sure you dont mean steal it Fg!

David K

This is one of my favourite autumn tint pics......I like the reflections & composition.



 I'm visiting Wales & The Lake District during the first week of November, specifically looking to photograph some nice autumn scenes.



What wonderful pictures on this thread! I'd forgotten what a joy autumn is.

Here's my tiny acre. (About 70cm tall). I must have had it 15 years, in a pot, then planted out last year.

It was a very weeping shape so I've tried to train it a little more upright, removing lower branches and tying to the post. The ties have just been removed and fingers crossed it won't need much more help.




David as your coming to the lake district have you any gardens in mind to visit ?


David K

Hi, Ann - I'm visiting Wales on the Sun 3rd & The Lakes on Wed 6th. I hadn't any gardens in mind, but as you know, the scenery in both places is stunning.....particularly in autumn.

PS, weather permitting.