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are they day trips David or are you staying for a few days ? we have had a lot of heavy rain over the last few days so a lot of trees have lost there leaves but as you say the scenery is stunning and now we are both able we do have lots of days out and never tire of it and despite living here all our lives we can still find places we have never seen before although we do avoid the lakes in the high tourist season and go east into Yorkshire


pd- how could you think such a thing...

It was very pretty but I'm a good girl! There's another beauty near me which has been planted near a front door which is a shame. It's huge and is a stunning colour just now. 

David- Lakes are lovely at this time of year. Used to holiday there often in early autum. Hope the weather is kind to you. 


David, that was going to be my question, viz., what sort of camera and are you a,professional or keen amateur  photographer?  The picture stunning. 

Just an average amateur myself with no eye for photography and a cheapo camera but so tempted to learn more.  What sort of camera would ??ou suggest without breaking the bank?

Thanks David

'bout time you learnt how to use a camera Verdun, try a box brownie to get you started.


Not at all David.  Understand totally.  Wish I had better photography skills cos they go well with gardens, wildlife, etc. 

David, Enjoy your day in the Lakes, I'm sure you'll get some fabulous pictures. Lovely place to visit in all the seasons.


enjoy your days out David i hope the weather is good for you but sometime a few clouds can give a good effect

Such a thread will interest me too.


Lovely David. I took some of a huge bee which appeared yesterday but they weren't good quality. Took this of some clematis seedheads though during a sunny spell:



yes please David i would enjoy that