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I'll kick-off with a couple of photos of my blueberry patch.  They are worth growing just for the autumn leaf colour!

What stunning colour,I have them with my cereal each day but we can't get the bushes out here to buy.


Very envious Bob, I've got 2 bushes, must get some more, the leaves on mine are just getting some colour but nowhere near as fabulous as yours.

Good idea for a thread, Bob.  Those blueberries are gorgeous!  I've not got many photos taken recently, but here's probably my last clemmie flower in amongst the winter flowering jasmine....subtle!

Funny Bob, I was only thinking today about the red foliage on a couple of my blueberries.  I guess I wont see much other autumn foliage down here .....too mild for that alas 



Bodnant Gardens today. We have photographed this clump of Acers more times than I care to remember, but they are as good this year as we can remember.

hollie hock

I never knew blueberry bushes turned that lovely warm autumal red Bob. Lovely trees Berghill I can see why you take pictures every year.

On a smaller scale .. I'm really loving this acer colour change 


My Virginia Creeper.

Chrissy the gardener

I've just taken some photos in the rain in my garden,

I love the Hostas when they go this lovely buttery colour,

This is a Acer palmatum disectum just changing colour, sorry about the spelling.

the Virginia creepers in the other postings are wonderful.

Chrissy the gardener

I'm glad you liked the photos Aym80

the acer is growing in a large pot because my soil is very alkaline so I have to feed it regular during the growing season, I use a ericacious feed and top dress it in the spring with ericacious compost. As for the size the acer is quite a few years old you have to be patient.

Gloves n Wellies

Euonymus 'alatus' and in the foreground Azara

Last of the blooms of "Abraham Darby" Rose


What a great thread - such vivid colours out there



I can't grow acers in the ground here because of the alkali limestone rock. But the wild trees at the edge of the woodland around my house look lovely.

The Lagerstroemia in my daughter's garden has lovely red leaves.


BL...I enjoy a similar picture from the wood at the back of the house but then curse all the leaves that have to be cleared . . . . It's not so bad if there's a good South westerly blowing. 

Chrissy the gardener

I know this is supposed to be autumn foilage but I just couldn't resist putting on this picture of my callicarpa, I just love it this time of year~~~~

Yesterday, at Fyvie Castle...