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Hi, could anyone give me an idea on what Autumn flowering shrubs and Perennials to Grow as i have a few spaces in my borders.I have a lot of spring and early summer stuff but toward the end of summer theres not much colour. i,m not very keen on bedding plants as i want  things that last year after year. thanks in advance. Elizabeth. 


Michelmas daisies, especially "Monch", Rudbeckias, especially "Goldsturm', heleniums.

Thanks Busy-Lizzie. I do like any sort of daisies, so will give them a try.

Hibiscus Syracuse....lovely September flowering shrub, abelias (Confetti is a variegated gem of a plant), and, although quite tender, how about cannas?  Verbena bonariensis will flower to the frosts.  Ceratostigma and caryopteris will provide good blues in late summer as will the autumn gentians.  Japanese anemones will provide colour up,to late summer but their invasive "qualities" make them undesirable for me.  Try instead Anemone Wild Swan.  

For me late summer and autumn provide masses of colour.....masses to choose from


Achileas, hardy fuschias


Oh....for some class add grasses like miscanthus Flamingo, Morning Light and Gold Bar. Graceful swaying airy flowers on 6 to 8' plants.   Oooooooozes style!

I have had great shows from perennial sweetpeas, many colours to be had and some excellent height at the back of borders, easy to keep and propagate.

Dahlias also give good flowering up to the first frosts, but do need a bit of attention ie lifting if in a hard winter area.

Good luck

Thanks everyone, masses to choose from then. The garden centre is calling me lol!


Sedums always look great later in the year, and the insects will love you for them.


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