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last year i planted from seed and had what id call a bush of sweet peas in a lovely sunny spot and kept the seeds for this year.

i gave my grandam some plants that id grown from seed the same time as i planted mine out and hers failed miserably. her friend told her to soak the seeds in a small bit of water for a day or so then plant them out. personally ive never done this, only planted them in a pot/plugs then left them in the green house and plantes out when ready. i cheated this year and bougt plugs from b&q As we didnt move in till the start of feb and by the time we got settled i didnt have time to do it from seed.

i cannot wait for my first pick to pop on the kitchen table


Yeah, my sweet peas were sown in Feb last year but were still flowering on Christmas Day last year, only the really heavy snow killed them off, some time in January.

I'm hoping the seeds I took off the plant are going to be just as nice. I will also sow some this autumn as I absolutely love sweet peas.

Koalagirl, your photos are amazing, and I am now thoroughly convinced.  Two sowings are going to be the way for me in future.   Thanks everybody!


My autumn sowings are now 5 feet high in the garden, spring sowings are no more than 2 feet! 


Ever notice how the first sweet pea stems are very long,and gradually they get shorter in time !

Jean Genie

Anyone know when the spring sown ones are likely to flower ? My first attempt this year . They are approx 3 ft high but now signs of any flowers yet . I was also advised to pinch out  to make them bushier - hope this was the correct advice ! Think they are Spencer mix and they all seem to be growing well .


David K your advice on sweetpeas is so interesting I live in the north of Scotland so have always done a spring sowing of seeds but for next year Im going to go wth October minus 12 thats amazingly low temps for them to survive.

Yes, I shall be trying the autumn plus spring sowing starting in October.    I am still waiting for a sign of flowers on mine this year.    Mind you, a little sun might encourage them but that is beyond any gardener's control!


David K, thanks for that Ive got carpet Ill do that

My first ever go at sweetpeas and my 12 year old daughter pulled them upthinking they were weeds!!!

Oh, goodness me.     Still, life is one big learning curve, for you and your daughter!   I hope you were able to laugh about it later (after the tears).

Luckily I had two more trays on the go ready to plant out! Didn't get too cross! at least she's keen to help. All good fun ...

Great!   We need to nuture an interest in gardening in children.    I always wish it had been done wih me, although I did watch my Dad - just wasn't allowed to touch anything.   I'm a pensioner now, but if I had my time over again, I would try for horticultural college!