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My 5 year old azalea has lost all its leaves this winter and its the first time this has happened.Its not dead as I scratched one of the branches which was still green but not sure what has happened to it

I've two potted azalea's and one of mine has done the same. Mine has some growths on it though which are tinged Grey/blue.

The same tiny growths are also on a potted dwarf weeping willow and small blueberry bush. The weeping willow has started to bud though, whichis usual for this time of year, I think it's a weeping willow it's a salix.  It will be interesting to hear if anyone knows what's wrong with them... does your azalea have any growths on it...   

Many azaleas do lose their leaves ver winter. In many places it has been very cold and winds very bitter so plants do drop their leaves in such conditions. I wouldnt worry too it flowers in due time though. Vine weevils can cause problems if in pots

I agree with Verdun - don't worry, they'll grow new ones soon.  It might be an idea to re-pot them ths spring so they've got lots of nutrients to grow new leaves with.

The little growths will be lichen - totally harmless and indicative of good air quality - it grows on slow-growing twigs and does no harm - look at it under a magnifying glass - it's absolutely beautiful 

Sometimes best to leave things alone and see if they right themselves.



of course I forgot about the dreaded vinewweevils as I had quite a lot in all all my pots and completly forgot to look in the azelea pot !!!will do that now

Just goggled litchen and got kitchen first off  but second attempt with the correct spelling, found an interesting site all about them. Thanks Dovefromabove, doesn't appear to be anything to worry about.

Azelea s i live in a flat i have a balcony which only receives sunlight very late in the afternoon i am also in inverness which is a bit chilly would it be possible to put a cpouple of azeleas in hanging baskets if not any suggestions what i could use just to brighten it up a little



Great news about my azelea which I finally dug it out of its container and found loads of vineweevils.Changed the earth and this morning it has started to produce new leaves!!!

Great news, pleased you found the problem.


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