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After reading that Which magazine recomended Verve as the best multipurpose compost I decided to buy a bag , this is the worst compost I have ever bought. It is full with twigs and other course matter, also it is soaking wet I actually squeezed it in my hand and and water ran out.Did I buy a dodgy bag or has anyone else experienced this?


If feasible-return it-this sounds like a bag that has been outside over winter-more than likely last years stock??

This was a common complaint here and elsewhere last year


Last year all the different brands of compost I bought had a whitish mould in them. But things still grew.


Hi ,With any bag of compost you are bound to get non decomposed bits , I always sift mine and compost the big bits so as they may rot down further .



I bought 2 bags of that last week, I love it, really fine, no bits at all, using it for seeds and they are germinating quickly. Maybe you got a dodgey bag or it varies from area to area. I dont know, but I am well pleased with mine.



Think I will just spread it on the garden,cant take it back as it nearly broke my back lifting it in the car where it was so heavy.


II always buy from a local GC that keeps the bags under cover so they don't get wet.  B&Q have always stored compost outside so any rain gets in.  IMHO the quality of most composts does seem to have gone down as they try to replace the peat element.


Miracle Gro bags that I bought a couple of weeks ago seemed pretty decent (though time will tell!)

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