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Have just heard about a new strain of powdery mildew which affects Aquilegias.

It is fatal to affected plants, so any plants that show signs should be dug up and burnt.

It was found in about 5 known sites last year, including the national collection, and there is no treatment.

The picture that I saw, looked like powdery mildew on any other plant.


Had read about that too - will keep an eye out


That doesn't sound good, esp as it's hit the National Collection  

Thanks for the info P'doc.


Had powdery mildew on my Aquilegias last year, they got dug out and thrown away.


Can't grow them here for some weird reason. Have tried many times as I love them.

hope not too many Gardeners affected.

It's a love/hate plant.  for me a big no in the garden.  For my neighbour though, every colour possible is grown.

im aware of many more diseases ...esp viruses.......affecting more and more plants. Hostas, for example, are affected by an incurable virus that spreads easily to most hostas


Verdun, the dreaded " hosta virus x" it even sounds sinister. ggrrr


I'm blaming that mild winter we had last year - so many bugs went on the rampage!

Exactly Hostafan.  Last year I was paranoid about every spot/blemish I saw or imagined.  My Gold Standard gives me most concern as it is, apparently, highly vulnerable.  Will isolate it, not divide it or cut it or plant in the soil. (Currently in a pot)

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