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Bought this for 30p at a car boot sale, Have replanted in 2 large pots (more there than it looks). Anyone able to ID it, any advice in general?

I don't think it's bamboo,  I think it's ribbon grass.


I think  you're right Dave


Oooo errr, didn't expect that! Would the car boot seller think hers is bamboo or maybe mixed up in pots/labelling? (not that it matters). What I mean is will it grow tall like bamboo and need containing? I'll have a google


That's 1, no it grows to 1-3 ft, and 2, yes it spreads


It's not a tall plant but being a perennial grass it does spread a bit like couch grass. I had one years ago and it has a habit of going where you don't want it to go. So I got rid in the end. Pretty, but it spreads quite freely.

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