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just got back from B&Q where i found lots of packs of 6x primrose and polyanthus for just a £1 each. all look quite healthy to me and should come back year on year if i look after them properly. what do we think?

some have yellow leaves and the compost looks dry.

i also got 2 sets of 5 raspberry canes, an autumn bliss and tulameen:


those were £3.50 each.

do they look healthy enough? the autumn bliss needs pruning to the ground, is that right? 



Here is some info on Tulameen that might be useful


They all look fine to me - bargain! 

I cut my autumn-fruiting raspberries down to about 12" from the ground. 

I think Tulameen should be treated as Summer fruiting. 


I bought this climbing rose from B&Q at the end of Autumn, its called "Penny Lane".

I gave it a bit of a snip here and there and planted it, its doing very nicely. Not bad for half price!

This photo was taken a few days ago, its the only thing flowering in the garden.




I too have looked at B&Q's plants and agree that you can get a bargain if you are canny.  Gina's rose certainly comes under that heading   In my experience it only works if you get in early...........certainly in my locality, the staff don't seem to keep the plants watered and fed and still have plants for sale that most people would just put in their compost bin.

Early birds and worms would seem to be the key phrase here.


I too have bought B and Q bargains this last 2 weeks, 3 Varieties of Gaura which were over £6 and Penstemons all for £1 each. The plants had been cut down but were growing healthily from the base. I bought primulas £1 for 6 a couple of weeks ago, planted them into planters and they look a bargain. Leaves more garden funds for special plants later in the season.

After the first day on the allotment was cut short at lunch time due to heavy rain. I bought a pair of wellies from B&Q today, they were nearly half price   

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