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I purchased six Orchids for 50p each in my local Homebase just before Christmas many still had a few flowers on and some even had new flower spikes breaking under the leaves. I now have five of them in flower or bud. Not bad considering they were originally priced at £14.99 each! I have noted it is variable as they were also selling 2013 summer season bedding plants with only 25% off. I'm not sure what use petunias are in December. The trays of geraniums may have over wintered for next year if you had a mind to care for them but most were only just clinging to life and many trays of six only had 2-3 still with any green on at all so would only be cheap if had at least 50-70%. I find it varies greatly between stores and areas but always have a look. Bargains can be had but only if you are in the right place at the right time and you know what you are looking for!

Stacey Docherty

Jim I just bought boxed echinops, lupins and dicentra from wilkinsons £5.00 for the lot.... Very healthy growth within the box/bag ......

Dee Wizz

Stacey's right about Wilkinsons for good value - have had great success with bare rooted roses at a mere £3, and recently bought bare-rooted liatris (supplied in a bag with compost) and have potted up 6 viable roots which are currently bursting into life in my cold frame - not bad for £1!

Don't snub Poundland and Poundworld. Some of the plants and bulbs they sell are really good. Some of the bulbs are small and may not do well or flower but I bought iris, hosta and day lily last year and all did well. They may not be exiting but as long as they are not too forced from being in hot shops they do well if you are on a budget or want old fashioned favourites to fill space. I also bought Gloriosa roots last year and was rewarded with beautiful exotic flowers in the summer for a fraction of the price I would have paid in a garden centre if I could find one selling them. I also agree Wilko are good value.

I like buying plants from the harrogate and gardeners world flower shows you meet the growers who give you good information how to grow the plants. I think they are the right price if you have a look around the different stands.

Wilkos is a good place also



Jim Macd, I'm crying with laughter with memories of the 'dead parrot sketch' I'm going to try it with dead plants the next time I go to B&Q

Jim Macd
artjak wrote (see)

Jim Macd, I'm crying with laughter with memories of the 'dead parrot sketch' I'm going to try it with dead plants the next time I go to B&Q

it's almost worth buying some more tomorrow so I can go back half and hour later and say, 'This is an Ex-Echinops!

Me that sketch.  And the idea of trying it when returning dead plants 

The worst down here in town is Wilkinsons.  More dead and dying plants than live.  I do not know why they sell "plants".

We have dobbies by us and I've had some really great buys from what they have reduced some of which I have been able to split and repot and sell on to my customers meaning I've made the cost of the plant back. I've just bought two pots of cuphea for pocket change which I have put on a heat tray so now they have new growth on which in march I will take cuttings from to later pot on and sell to my customers great for some colour. They have all sorts in the reduced section this time of year, they have lots of hebe's  which I know will get reduced further yet. I tend to buy shrubs cheap, give them a prune and a small handful of fertiliser then leave them. You get a feel after a while what will survive and what won't. 

We buy a lot from B&Q at silly prices when they drop. Polyanthus/pansys trays of twelve 20p, Hellebores last week at £1.50, i had a dozen Hebes at a £1 a throw. Mainly just need watering, feeding, dead heading or potting

Went to homebase yesterday had some beautiful lavender in 2 ltr pots ??8 each all bone dry wilting and on there last legs. I felt like grabbing the hose myself while the staff stand rabbiting

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