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Hi all

Just wondering has anybody sent bare roots by post?

How have you sent them?

What sort of packaging have you used?

Or have you sent any plants by post?


I haven't sent them but I've received a lot. Bit of compost, slightly damp with the  roots in a plastic bag, secured with a rubber band, any top growth outside of the bag. Never had any problems.

Nice idea with the rubber band to stop the dirt coming out

I only tried to send small rooted cuttings in a small pot in a bit of cardboard and where they had not rooted enough the dirt came out in the post ladies bag as she commented to the person I was sending plants to.

Hiya, yes I send bare roots by post sometimes. Polythene bag with just a little damp winter I don't include compost.....and the whole of the plant inside. You can Sellotape bag over. All in a jiffy bag. Rooted cuttings are bit different but for bare roots this is just fine.

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