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local B & M has perennials of all sorts at £1 99 or 3 for a fiver.  Excellent quality and those I bought have already been repotted.  Purchased at this time of year all will grow fast and flower well from early summer


9cm or bigger? 

Bit bigger Mark but raring to grow in bigger pots....I got lupins, delphiniums, lychnis, gaillardias, euryops,.  In a couple of weeks they will have filled 1 litre pots.  

For early in the year these from B & M are excellent 

caroline roses carter

hi verdun,how are you,are you growing any flowers from seed,thats the cheapest way,i also would like to try and sell a few plants,any tips from you,at all.

Hello Caroline 

I grow just a few flowers from seed but I lack the patience really.......must have flowering plants asap.   Yes, the cheapesf and most satisfactory way for sure 

I used to grow and sell my own plants and once shared a nursery.  Always sold out !

it depends on how big you want to be but many down here sell from their own gardens or run a market stall.  My idea was to grow quality plants and varieties not often seen in the garden centres.  And dividing your own perennials....low cost and at this time of year soon take off. 

What do you intend to sell? There used to be a few on the forum who raised and sold their own plants but think many have left now. If any are still here maybe they can offer advice too 

good luck Caroline 



I always have a gander in B&M for the perennials which are normally in 1 litre pots. Got helenium M beauty from B&M which quite a few forum members have complemented.

Lidl are getting dahlia tuber in next week ( 3 tubers for £2 ) compost / potting compost and other bits in stock as well

I grow a few bedding plants / baskets to sell on to neighbours and clients, nought big just a few tray here and there, I call it garden money instead of beer money. Most people seem to be more interested in plants already flowering.

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I see, I see. I brought a clematis from there last year & it did well. I'll have to make a trip into Reading soon then. I wonder if Range are also doing any young perennials, as like you Verdun - I'm too impatient for lots of slow seedlings. Some shrubs here, there's also climbers & fuchsias on the website 

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I have been known to buy from The Range and although cheap were excellent

by the way,,just put out bikkies and water for my visiting soaked though.  Hope he appreciates my efforts.


99p seeds on B&M website also, not bad at all. I'm sure they'll reward you for your efforts Verd by munching on the slugs that have your new delphiniums in sight 

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My bargain so far this year has been 6 Allium Christophi bulbs - believe it or not from Wyvale! All coming through beautifully ๐Ÿ˜€


Meant to say they cost 75p in total !

As you know we don't have the bargains that you lucky lot get in the u.k. but I managed to pick up these healthy looking perennials at B&Q yesterday, 4 for £10.00. I was thinking of planting them in a Belfast sink.

One Armenia, 2 Saxifrage and 1 House leek.

Just wondering if any one has ordered any plants from J.Parkers as I know that some on here have had very mixed results on the plants delivered.

Well I had some Verbena Blue Spires plug plants and Daylilly Bertie Ferris bare roots delivered today all in very good, healthy, condition. So credit where credits due, I can't complain at present 


I'm new to this forum (relatively), but loving the photos and postings.

Was supposed to have a greenhouse put up today, but high winds were forecast (didn't materialise), so my installer didn't come.  Holding out for new date on Monday, can't wait to get started sewing seeds. Have bought far too many, but like aym says ~ resistance is futile!!

Kitty 2

In my case bargains and tempting labels leads to "stoopid impulse buys"

Ended up choosing a Montana clematis "Warwickshire Rose" based on the pic of the foliage. No idea where I'm going to plant it in my tiny garden now? . Should have chosen "Niobe" group 3. Both were £3 in wilkos.

I do feel for Guernsey Donkey though when the bargain threads start.  Maybe we could have a GD seed thread where she can ask for desired seeds without having to pay extortionate p&p charges from suppliers? Would a standard packet get to her 2nd class UK postage (55p?).  I've picked up seed at 10p a packet at the end of the season over here, I'd be happy to post some off

Hi Sandra, welcome to the forum . Hope your greenhouse installation goes well๐Ÿ‘



I dont know about intelligence Aym , some days I should bang my head against the wall to knock some sense into me.

I think we all do it Kitty, I have a stockpile of plants that I've bought / grown and not planted .

I sent GD some corms before just the same price as the rest of the UK. Cant understand where the additional charges come from.

Weather suppose to be calmer next week but colder , better weather for putting up a GH 

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Kitty 2

Thanks Perki, that's good to know about the postage prices being same as UK.

Carefully packaged, I've posted small plants for 99p before.

I don't get the extra charges either if we could send a birthday card for the same price as UK postage .

not plant bargain but very large pots in b&m bargains for £3.50! They're just plastic, but I'm going to place mine behind bench, they're about £20 in local gc

meant to add, lidl is next door, got 3 packets of flower seed (sweet pea  'bijou' sweet williams and annual phlox (didn't know it existed, may do better than my perennial) 29p each!

Aldi leaflet for next Thursday has some great gardening stuff. Cute little wooden greenhouse for £59.99, plastic 4 shelf greenhouse, push mower, hand tools, cute little potting bench, 2 litre potted fruit bushes, seed compost, vermiculite, BFB, chicken manure pellets, seed potatoes, seed multipacks and plug plants of tender bedding to grow on.