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David 25


 hi all, these are my herbs. what do you think? any tips?


I have a few tips.

You will get big plants from your Parsley seeds when sown individually. However, not with basil or chives. For your chives sow a real good pinch over the whole surface in that pot - chives grow like grass, single strands so don't spread. As they grow on you can simply divide if you feel it is a little crowd. For your basil sow a little less than the chives. Also, basil do not like the cold - grow on in a greenhouse or a sun trap within your garden.

I completely agree with marsh, I grow chives and basil in the conservatory. Parsley in the garden, but it wasn't good last year.
I am going to try coriander this year as well.
David 25

thanks for the advice, i have taken it action on it and will give updates some time soon hoepfully

Does anyone have problems growing parsley in pots on a kitchen windowsill,

the parsley plant I have at the moment has black eggs on the leave,


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