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I am growing basil in terracotta pots in a sunlounge. The seeds were sown in well-drained compost + vermiculite and the plants look (mainly) green and healthy. I have grown them successfully on many occasions. But this year, a number of the leaves have what I can only describe as transparent patches - it looks as though somebody has scraped away the green colouring on both sides of the leaves. Some leaves are brownish on the edges too. Can somebody tell me what this is - and what I should do?


I know it seems odd this year of all years, but to me it sounds as if they might be getting a bit scorched. Does the sunlounge get a lot of sun?  (silly question - why would you call it a sun lounge if it doesn't ).  Even this year there have been some spells of strong sunlight.

 I know basil is a mediterranean plant, but the leaves are soft and sunlight through glass can be pretty intense.  This can be made even worse if the plants have any drops of water on their leaves, which would act as magnifying glasses.  Is there any way you can shade them for a few hours when the sun is at it's hottest?

Another thought is that they're suffering from the attentions of Leaf Miners - although that's not so common with indoor grown plants.


The brownish edges suggest overwatering or problems with the drainage. Basil doesn't like wet feet. I agree with Dove that the transparent patches could be scorching.


I've not grown basil before but I bought a plant to go in with my outdoor tomatoes.  It was strong and healthy and suddenly there was only brown stems.  Tomatoes are fine but what has hit the basil? 

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