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Looking for suggestions. I 'had' a lovely hanging basket of violas but because of the wind and rain they are now a mess. despite deadheading as much as I could lots are going to seed and the rest are a yellow mess. I know I can't save the poor souls so I'm looking for suggestions as to what I could quickly pop in a basket to relace them. All suggestions welcome.


My local nursery were doing 5 trailing fuchsias for £2 last week, the easiest thing to do at this time of year is to see what bargains can be had.

Thanks. Good idea.

Alina W

Yes, I agree. Mine had a variety of bedding, including petunias and violas, that were being sold off.

The potty gardener

B&Q generally have some pretty good bargains if you are not wanting anything in particular.



That's true. I'll have a look. Thanks for suggestions.

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