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Can i mix very small begonia seeds with another medium other than silver sand to ensure even distribution of seeds to avoid to many seeds in one spot and bald areas in the propagator. Thank you Jazzy
Hi sotongeoff

I don't have any silver sand and would like to avoid buying a bag for two packets of seeds if there is an alternative.

I imagine you could mix the seeds with something like vermiculite (if you have any), although I haven't done it myself so you might want to wait for more replies.
Thanks leggi worth a try.





The particles of vermiculite are to big -it will not help you get an even distribution-a small bag of silver sand from a hardware shop is not expensive and you can use it for something else or for years to come.

I have been known to use some of the sand used for putting in a budgies cage
Pam LL x
Hi soton Geoff,
Had a look around garden centres today only big bags to big/expensive for my needs would purchase a small bag if I could find one.

Thank you

Hi pam

Hadn't thought of bird sand is it sand or grit you have used in the past, was it as effective as silver sand ?.

Thank you.

It was bird sand Jazzy - Barry used it to display his shallots at our local flower show
Pam LL x
Hi all,
Managed to get some silver sand from the local corn store for 36p a kilo,
A very reasonable price.

Thank you every body for your invaluable help.


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