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I have brought my bedding plants and potted them up and they are now sitting in the greenhouse the same size as they were a week ago, why aren't they growing? what am i doing wrong? They are no where big enough to plant in the garden!!!

After a week??

Relax they have had a bit of a shock-too early to plant out anyway-they will be fine.


Thanks im a complete novice as you might have guessed.


hollie hock

Don't think you are doing anything wrong Bushy, I did the same with some lobelia and it hasn't done much yet. Are they still looking healthy?


a few  days of sunshine will do the trick



They may not show signs of growth for up to 2 weeks after planting. Let the root system start to develop into the pot then with a little warm weather they wiill shoot up in front of your eyes

Gardeners need patience give them time and they will soon start growing.

Thanks everyone.




I think plants kind of grow exponentially the smaller they are the slower they are to do much. they throw up those first 2 leaves and don't seem to do much for a while but they are hopefully concentrating on getting roots made. once that bit of plumbing is in place then they can think about making true leaves and doing a bit more and then they start to grow faster more root more leaf and then wallop they are filling the pots fast and you visibly notice the difference the next day.


You just wait and see.....a bit of sunshine and warmth and you will not be able to keep up with them !! Its still cold at night, even in the greenhouse. It was -3 in the SE last night. My plants, in a GH, under cloches are still asleep!


i must admit i sowed mine much later this year.. as away and it was so cold.. i did mine few weeks into april and found they have come up much quicker and are stronger looking plants.

i might well do this each year..

busy77.. they will grow they just need time.. or maybe pot them up into larger pots with new compost.. that might sort them out. as the shop ones are done so early... t hey dont go out in my garden until the middle end of may.. depending on weather.

give them a chance they will grow.. when the time and weather is right.

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