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apologies for the self-indulgence, but thought id post up some pics of an area transformed this year which is now 1,000,000% better than it used to be, i'm so pleased with how its turned out. much better than I expected

Originally, the plot in question was FAR worse than this first photo, however unfortunately this is the first photo i took during the clearing of the area (around March):

 next stage, some weeks later (Early April):

 now, within the last few weeks, after plantings were done in late April, the area now looks like:

 loads and loads of these all over the area constantly:

 and finally, my personal favourite, one of the 2 coreopsis:

on the area now exists 2x coreopsis, 2x verbena bonariensis, 2x dwarf buddleja, 2x echinacea, 2x veronica, 3x lavender, 2x hebe, 2x choisya, 3x viburnum tinus, 2x dianthus, 2x scabious, 2x digitalis purpurea, 2x cerastium, 2x erigeron, 1x erysimum. bees, butterflies (so many species), and some metallic green beetle or fly (?) that is all over the erigerons.

once the choisya and viburnums put some decent growth on, the whole area is going to be looking pretty mint, give it a few years or so maybe!

Beaus Mum

Djjjuk, it looks amazing and I would say full on mint already! 

I bet you are well proud 

Please dont apologise, i love seeing this sort of thing, you are rightly proud

Looks fab Djjjuk, I love before and after pics.


Victoria Sponge

That's brill djjjuk

Some lovely plants there- so colourful, looks wonderful. I also like the fact you have left the stump in place

You are right to be proud, looks great..  Did you build the wall?  fab looking wall!

Astonishing!!!!    Congratulations!   Isn't it great when things work out even better than expected?


No need to apologise dj. You've done a terrific job, and worked very hard to get there. 

Hope things are going well for you now. 

Thanks for the responses everyone 

@Victoria Sponge - ha, kind of left in by default, as it was WAY too much effort to get out! but it will fade into the background once the bigger shrubs establish.

@Lily Pilly - ha, i wish! funnily enough, that wall looks terrible now compared to what it was (dad reversed into it a few years back, doh! and smashed loads of it).  

@Fairygirl - Thank you everything has fell into place. in my flat, on my balcony i now have 3x lavenders - which seem to be doing decent in morning sun only. i also have a skimmia, a small acer, a heuchera, a bamboo and i have just this weekend potted up a load of pansy and violas. looks much better than a bare sad looking balcony and railing


Well done, it looks lovely. A lot of work well rewarded

Victoria Sponge

It'll be a nice hidey hole for all the beneficial insects, djjjuk

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