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i have ordered some as plug plants for my hanging baskets and am wondering if its possible to collect the seeds and how hard it i might be to get them to germinate net spring. I am sure one of you clever people will know

Written in the OP !  ... Begonias.....

Brumbull wrote (see)

what plants have you ordered little ann ?  are they begonias ?

These plugs may form tubers by the end of the year, you can save these, dry them off and restart again next year with those. Seeds? I dont think that works with these.


Lyn is spot on-they will form tubers that you can store-not all will grow again-now in my 2nd year of tubers from plants bought in 2011-from the original 100 have about 20 tubers still-weevils,rot etc did for the rest

Still in a sense free plants though


Yes, I agree.  Trailing begonias will form quite good tubers by the end of the year.  Just make sure you keep them dry over the winter then plant up again in the spring.

thank you i will try to hang on to the tubers


I have tried over a number of years to save tubers from 1st year trailing begonias
With zero success, dry them, remove compost etc,store in a cool dry place, all to no avail,any advice would be appreciated.

also getting begonias plugs this year. see how if I can keep them for nxt year.


I keep mine from year to year. I do  it the lazy way - I remove the dying foliage and then let the tubers dry out in their pots under shelter. I check for any dreaded vine weevils around them before putting them in the garage under some cardboard for insulation until spring.

Then I dig them up and start them in fresh compost in the greenhouse disgarding any soft or rotten ones. Usually have a good percentage that survive. Hopefully I'll start them off ths weekend -- I can't wait any longer and it will be in the house this year too - now, that's a first!

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