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I've put these on 3.5ins pots of moist compost and they are covered with a vented propagator lid.  What's the best place for them?  They are in an east facing room, in a shady corner. Should I place them on the window sill (d-glazed) where they will get full morning sun or will they be best left where they are?  The radiator is not on.   Many thanks for advice, Mags

flowering rose

they do like a warm sunny spot and do not over water if at all until you see growth.

Thanks, That's helpful.  I will watch the watering!  Mags


These are some of mine, they are just starting to shoot,I have never used a proagator, not sure if it may keep them too damp. They live in the conservatory facing south so get sun all day.



The prop lid is vented so no condensation builds.    Its a new lid.  Last year I used a non-vented cover and some  tubers rotted. Now I know why. Hope I get lots of shoots like yours show.  Mags



I never bother with a lid, they will grow, no need to race them on, there is still plenty of time before you can put them out.

Once they make start they will romp away.

Heres some from last year.







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