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My tubers where stored for the winter and when I took them out few days ago for germination they had long (4 to 5 inches) stems (not leaves). 
My question is: 
1. should I completely remove these stems ? 
2. should I pinch them or cut them to one inch long? 
3. or what should I do?


That has happened because they have been kept too warm-if they are just stems and no nodes-if you cut them them back there are not leaf axis for the plant to produce shoots from

You have two options-remove those shoots completely and hope they shoot again normally from the base- with proper light-that might be risky or pot them up now but deeper than normal so just about and inch or two is showing above the surface and hopefully they will grow away normally

But they wiil need good light.

cheers for that will keep them cooler next year

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