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I have bedding begonias in a container that have survived the winter. Will they flower again this year?


Mine did. I left two of them in by accident, i thought i had got them all out.  I wouldnt leave them in deliberately though.


Yes they will reflower, as Lyn has said. The problem if they survive frosts is that they tend to be get lanky, infested with insects and generally look bad. I would suggest if yours are lanky to cut them down to encourage bushy growth.

Thanks for your replies. I shall tidy them up a bit, although they look just as they were left last autumn, refresh the compost and see what happens. 

I really need to know about the best recipe of soil to plant a list of begonia speices for a competition in june. Hope anybody could prescribe me.


otnorot but just call me Bill

Welcome thzad All begonias prefer well drained soil rich in compost or organic matter,I use soilless mix.





I use anything i have got, they dont seem to be fussy here. They are very tolerant, in different stuff every year.




Wow what an inspiration Lyn.

i must get busy in the greenhouse, and not sit here .


I have two containers of begonia firecracker.  Too lazy to remove from containers so they were simply top dressed and fertiliser applied and look good.  This will be their third year.   Best to dig them up every autumn tho to replant again in fresh compost the following spring 

great,i really hoped to get a clear view of soiless mix because we are going to plant on a space given.How about a garden bed?,by the way,I'm going to compete with students among Malaysians in Putrajaya Floria 2014 on behalf of my colleage and for this year the theme choosed was Begonia.thanks bill.
Dear bill,since we all been involved for the Putrajaya Floria project, i have just realize that the last thing we are going to put into position is the begonia's so that they should be in a great condition for judgement. We are working on the structures for our goemetry's futuristic garden.Good news that we are going to built the garden on the only allotment with shades.A gold perhaps!
we win The Putrajaya Floria 2014 (univercity/college garden category) for the first place, a gold medal.
Victoria Sponge

Well done thzad

Just been looking at it on the floriaputrajaya website.

Is your garden featured on there?


i'm so sorry for taking so much time to answer..i'm just finish fixing my net none of our univercity/college garden featured on the website..and unlucky to me that i have lost all my documentation for the winning garden of us,but i will put it on this forum if i would.thanks.i'm happy.

Thzad - congratulations to you and your fellow students on your winning garden 

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