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07/07/2012 at 12:08

Hi,   I'm looking for ideas for a new planting scheme for my belfast sink. Over the years i've had various stuff in there - succulents , bulbs, annuals  even ground cover.It's west facing and against the conservatory wall so it's in quite a warm spot ( when we get the sun that is ) so I'm looking for something a little different.  I made the mistake of putting toadflax in and it's taken over everything so going to dig it all out and start again . Any ideas would be gratefully received. Thanks.

07/07/2012 at 14:04

what about using it for herbs with it being so close to the house

07/07/2012 at 14:23

I use mine for herbs, it means I've always got thyme, chives, marjoram and parsely close to hand when I need them in  hurry. Obviously only small amounts, if I need bigger quantities I have a proper herb bed in the allotment. 

In the past I've used it for trailing pinks and a pretty dwarf phlox.

07/07/2012 at 15:16

I'm ashamed to say that I have never grown herbs - I just buy the little pots from the supermarket but think that's a superb idea ! I use a lot of basil - could I grow that with the other ones mentioned and what sort of compost would I need ?  I know mint is invasive but really fancy having a go at growing the others. At one time I was considering strawberries but don't know much about growing them either. Thanks Weejenny and Jude.

07/07/2012 at 15:49

Thymes,Oregano,Chives,Sages and Parsley would look great in a sink  You could try Sweet Basil but I always seem to do better with it in my greenhouse. There is  a Basil called 'African Blue' which would grow in your sink - it could be placed at the back with  other herbs to the front and sides. It would be best to use a free draining compost - maybe John Innes with some multipurpose and horticultural grit added.Others will give you some advice as well I am sure

Pam x


07/07/2012 at 16:04

Thanks Pam. thats going to be my next project I really hope the basil will grow as its one of our favourites . I didn't know there were different varieties - thought basil was just basil ! Going to give it a shot though .

07/07/2012 at 16:17

I have 8 different basils growing in my greenhouse  They all smell divine

I hope your sink turns out well

Pam x


07/07/2012 at 17:32

I've had purple basil in mine for about a month and it's only just got going properly, but provided your sink is well drained and the weather stays warm it should be ok. It looks great even if you don't get a huge crop. Grew my purple basil 'King Crimson' from seed, but I usually just take cuttings from a shop bought one, root them in a jar of water then just pot them up - quick and easy and most of all cheap!

07/07/2012 at 17:50

Sorry to big bro for the plug - I get mine from Asda ! What if I bought the pot grown ones and planted them all out ? Instant herb sink !

07/07/2012 at 18:53

A friend of mine does an instant herb garden buying them all from the supermarket and why not I got two for a £1 the other day for a recipe I was doing. I used the coriander and have planted it I reckon it will come again and if not thats ok 

07/07/2012 at 18:54

My favourite basil at the mo is Aristotle - tiny leaves so you don't need to break/chop it!

07/07/2012 at 19:24

I am going to give it a whirl and makes some purchases !  Chilli lover - I like the sound of that basil - shop bought , or grown from seed or garden centre ?

07/07/2012 at 20:03

Greek basil is lovely too - also has tiny leaves - am guessing maybe Chilli's Aristotle may be related, with a name like that

Use it for pesto as great not having to chop anything, tho' it is a bit more lemoney tasting.

07/07/2012 at 20:03

got mine potted from loal garden ctr, but it self seeds really well too Jean

07/07/2012 at 20:21

I'm going on a hunt for the greek/aristotle basil  . Will most the herbs mentioned survive over winter ? I'm now thinking of an all basil sink seeing how lilylouise has 8 varieties. Thanks to everyone for yet another brilliant idea ! Getting all excited now thinking about planting - one more thing - I'm sure I've heard somewhere that you can't let basil flower . Is that true anyone ?

07/07/2012 at 21:35

It is probably best to pinch the flowers off - I don't do that with my African Blue though as the bees love it so much. I take cuttings from it at the end of the summer

African Blue Basil

 Lettuce Leaf Basil

 Purple Ruffles Basil

 Sweet Basil

 Basil pesto perpetuo

 Cinnamon Basil

 Red Basil

 Bush Basil

 Lemon Basil

 The African Blue and Basil pesto perpetuo are su[pposed to be perennials - I have managed to overwinter African Blue cuttings but not Basil pesto perpetuo

Pam x


07/07/2012 at 23:05

Blimey! You're just showing off lilylouise! Seriously though, love that African blue, where can I get some?

08/07/2012 at 05:48
jude5 wrote (see)

Blimey! You're just showing off lilylouise! Seriously though, love that African blue, where can I get some?

Sorry jude5  I just love Basils  I have a spare cutting if you would like one

Pam x

08/07/2012 at 10:11

Hi Jean - I grow my Aristotle from seed but if you google it you can but plugs for instant effect.

08/07/2012 at 19:55

Pam - what great photos ! Want them all ! I agree with jude - the african blue one is a stunner along with purple ruffles. I can imagine them to taste as good as they look. Chilli lover - going to google !  Just wondering do you grow chillis too ?

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