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I grow jolly Bee for it's glorious blue flowers that go on and on and on. I grow Elke for its sheer beauty and distinctive flower. Margaret Wilson for her lovely grey foliage and a variety called....I beauty which has purple red foliage and striking blue flowers. Other varieties to recommend?
Bunny ...
Now Verdun ....... I don't know these ones , and being a geranium fan I shall now need to add to my collection , will need pictures !!!!!!!
I have the basic so far (cuttings and clumps from parents) as testers to see how they grew on clay soil here. Still love the magenta cranesbill , I have it with/beside my snow mound spirea and they mingle together accidentally ...lovely .
I had black beauty which was just growing other day ...since died, I was going to move it as wasn't happy gone
Jackman blue ?
White pheum I have with mourning widow against dark brown fence mingled together ...

Others and more them all...saw one on carol klein

Geranium pretence blue

Geranium nodosum pink evergreen

Geranium sanguinium pink white centre

Do you have those ?
Bunny, you like to associate your plants....I like that. Your magenta one isn't Ann Folkard is it? Yellowish leaves in Summer? Do you mean johnsons blue...yes have that one but none of the others you have. I have Melinda, that is very nice, and Tanya rendell that's magenta on brownish foliage. Got some doubles like double jewel a white variety. I prob have a dozen or so different varieties, maybe few more. Got a number of blue varieties. You sure black beauty has died? It dies down pretending to be dead but it comes again with warmer's a sulker but a looker too.
Gardening Grandma

Verdun, do you label your plants or do you just have a retentive memory? I always resolve to label mine and then don't and forget their names. I did keep all the plant labels until OH 'tidied up' and threw them all away.

Bunny ...
Verdun that's it Johnsons ...I got the J

My magenta has long since lost its tag, having moved from my first house , to OH, to mums , to here , looking in rhs book it's like psilostemon , black eyed , I don't have any pictures of it ..yet .
I like things to work together rather than just a plant alone


Morning gardening grandma, I bury label,when I plant something but I regularly move and remove,things so lose labels too. I remember usually. So it's OH's fault then? Ha ha
Bunny, then that's not Ann folkard you have but associating plants, when it works, makes a nice "painting" I think
Bunny ...
If I could paint...yes
Gardening Grandma

That's my dream -to create something in the garden that looks like a beautiful Impressionist painting.

My favourite is Geranium 'Nimbus' - not only because of the fabulous blue/mauve flowers but because it has the same name as Harry Potter's broomstick! - easy to remember!

I got a Nimbus from Carol Klein's garden a couple of years ago, and it's a corker! Gets big though, so thinking about splitting it.
Jean Genie

I'm with Bunny - Johnson's blue  Mainly because they are a bee magnet. I've got some pink ones on the go at the mo but they aren't named - £ Land specials . Will post picks when they flower . Maybe an expert will identify them for me.


Every time I read these comments I can't stop myself from Googeling the various plants you all suggest and it nearly drives me nuts to see all the lovely varieties. I can feel myself twitching to go out and buy the lot! I've just discovered the following website: I'm going to trawl the local nurseries asap to see if I can find some of these, such a shame they don't deliver outside the UK.

Ok, Swiss sue, google Elke.



Verdun, I just did, but just got a lot of ladies called Elke?

Oops! Sorry you must have got onto my usual website! Try geranium Elke. Its different and it's gorgeous
Bunny ...
Do you know of a white one for full sun ? I've one for shade .

When I was in Cornwall in June 2011 there were lots of geranium "Rozanne" and they had pure blue flowers with white middles. I bought some here in France and the flowers were purple without white middles. Then I went to Devon last year and there they were, blue. So I bought more in France from a different supplier and they were pale purple. I would have bought them in England but all the GCs we tried said they were out of stock.

Bunny ...
They would fit, I have a pale blue , white pink section .... I shall make note ...