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what do you have success with in these kinds of places to add colour after June? I mainly need to plant in stealth pots (long toms painted dark brown) to stand a chance against slugs and snails. Antirrhinum and nicotiana always do okay, but I'm bored of them. Any suggestions?

Busy lizzies immediately spring to mind.

Tree spinach had seeded itself into a shadey patch this year and did OK


There are two tried and trusted annuals for shade-impatiens and begonias-not to everyone's taste but they do work-still got begonias flowering now-despite 2 hard frosts




Fuchsia -  trailing Puts Folly is brilliant for colour all summer long  I took the cuttings for these baskets at the end of February and once they started flowering they didn't stop  I hope you like Fuchsias

Pam LL x

Hello auntie Betty, I've already suggested busy lizzies but how about one or two perennials too? There are some lovely ferns ..some silver/grey with red veinings. that would add " colour" and form and go well with busy lizzies..?? Heucheras with yellow or red foliage. In a shady garden these would thrive and slugs n snails would not touch them. Hellebores too. And cost less in the long run than annuals?

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