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Hello. I have been researching evergreen rambling or climbing roses and am now baffled as to which one to choose. I have a full sun pergola in Berkshire with reasonably dry ground and I would like to cover it with a super flowering evergreen climbing/rambling rose. I am going for real impact..... Does anyone have a particular favourite or top tip? Many thanks!


...have you drawn up a short list so far Laura...? I wonder about those you've been researching... perhaps we can help you decide if you already have a few in mind...  is there any colour you prefer in particular...?

New Dawn or Albertine? I was really hoping for a true pink though


Albertine's a lovely rose, but only has one flush of flowers, and often gets blackspot. New Dawn's a very good do-er, but with pastel flowers. I grow them both, but the Albertine's getting the chop when it's done its thing this year.

I'd recommend you have a look at David Austin's roses.


I planted a gertrude jekyll climbing rose from David Austin late last year and it's  looking pretty spectacular. It's nearly as tall as me already (though, admittedly, I'm a short person )  It's a really pretty pink plus the scent is to die for.



I'll agree on the scent of Getrude jekyll. I stuck my nose in one at the garden centre. It's gorgeous.


I had a look at the Gertrude Jekyll on David Austin's site, it does look lovely, wish I could smell it!

I got a Madame Gregoire Staechelin (what a name - it's also called Spanish Beauty!) from David Austin last year. It's settled in well and produced three strong shoots from the ground this year. Nice red new growth, not too thorny which is always a plus in my book, and about ten flowers so far. The flowers are about 5inches across, quite waxy in texture, pure pink and strongly scented. Because they are large they hang down fron the plant - nice for a pergola. Ultimate height allegedly 20 feet. It does have a little blackspot but it's done nothing but rain here for months and I never spray my plants with anything so I reckon it's good natured in that respect.

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