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100s and 1000s for me, closely followed by tamina. Both are easy to care for and produce lots of tasty tomatoes, what more could I want!! Grown in pots outside the green house this year, along a sunny house wall and pollinated by lots of bumble bees, still plenty to ripen yet tho, so bring on the sun.... 

italophile... if you're there. Got message 2 but not the 1st.I can't reply as i can't find the "validate recipient" button .....i'm a bit of a novice !sorry.


Okay, I'll re-send the first message. The email notifications for posts and PMs have been very erratic lately. I usually have to go and check the PMs manually to see if I've received any.


Just re-sent the first message, Jo. I don't recall a "validate recipient" button. Which doesn't mean there isn't one, the heat here has fried my brain.

Hi Italophile, had to caheck the packet and it is Costoluto Fiorentino. This is the first year of having a greenhouse so have been trying all sorts of seeds. Have been successful with chillis which my husband loves and i cant eat as i have IBS and they upset it. Have grown luchbox cucumbers which are lovely, shame i cant grow them all year but you know how temperamental the british weather is. Where abouts in Italy do you live? have always wanted to visit, maybe i will one day.



We're in Tuscany, Maud, about 90 mins by train south of Florence, between Arezzo and Cortona.

C. Fiorentino is the better of the two Costolutos, I think. More of a beefsteak variety. C. Genovese is flatter and even more heavily ribbed. They're old Italian varieties but I suspect there has been some fiddling over the years. Neither has the full flavour they used to have. Still, of the two, you have the right one.

Thats good to know it makes a change to do something right. My husband dispairs of me at times. He is a perfectionist and hates it when straight rows arn't straight all i think i have got the job done and im happy with it. I will get to Italy one day maybe i will go with the girls probably more fun that way. Enjoy the rest of your tomatoes.

My favourites for taste are Sungold and Rosada. Both small but good croppers.

I will get to Italy one day as i have always wanted to go but my husbands not that keen. Maybe i will go with the girls. Off to Wisley tomorrow and taking plenty of money with me as i tend to get a bit carried away in their plant centre and gift shop. Down to my last 4 brandy wine toms i will miss them over the winter but theres always next year.

I , too , running short of the Brandywines . I gave them a lot of nurturing yesterday and they usually respond with an end of season flourish and there are still some flowers.... at least they're getting some sun now !

I have tried all the common types, none have been particularly good, nice fruit but not much flavor. This year I grew several different types which were all much of a muchness except one just described as 'yellow tomato' the fruit is small like cherry tomatoes but the flavour was streets ahead of the others and they started to ripen a month earlier! I bought them as small plants at Trago Mills in Newton Abbott


Grew 10 varieties this year and no disease problems so will report on taste, crop/fruit size and a few cultural notes:

Brandywine: Excellent taste but small crop of very large fruit.  Slow to start setting.

Black Russian: Very good taste slightly better crop than Brandywine, large fruit, slow to start setting.

Tamina: Average taste, average size, good crop, set early.

Core de Bue: Very good taste, good crop, large fruit, still flowering!

Sungold: Very sweet but powerful taste, amazing crop of orange coloured cherry-sized fruit, still flowering!  Lots of splitting though.

Ferline: Average taste, average crop of average sized fruit.

Suncherry Premium:  Excellent taste (not as sweet as Sungold), excellent crop of red cherry-sized fruit.  Will be growing this instead of Gardeners Delight in the future.

Legend: Very good taste, good crop of large to very large fruit.

Cristal: Average taste, good crop of deeply coloured medium sized fruit.

Stupice: Unremarkable taste, good crop of medium sized fruit.

Hope the above proves useful to someone.


Tried Doctor caroline Pink this year. Good fleshy lovely tasting.

Small Garden Pearl in hanging pots in the greenhouse. Lovely flavour, easy to grow and quite prolific over the whole season.

Ailsa Craig as hubby likes it for eating and cooking.

I got two from a friend: Golden sunrise(I think) which I thought was a Sungold so have been disappointed in lack of taste and furry flesh. Not nice. The other was Black Cherry which my grandson loves(I think he just loves tomatoes) which is also tasty and quite prolific.


Bob, Sungold always splits on the plant. Very thin skins. You can harvest them a bit earlier to avoid it. They're too sweet for my liking, I find the sweetness overpowers whatever other taste they have.

greenfingers, Dr Carolyn Pink is a nice tom. Named for Dr Carolyn Male, an American heirloom tomato legend. It's a stabilised grow-out from a pink fruit that appeared on a Dr Carolyn plant. Dr Carolyn is an ivory-coloured cherry. Yet another example of the fun and games that can happen growing heirloom toms. Sometimes the pure gene pools throw up some interesting hiccups.


I am still happy with Gardeners delight but also grew some other varieties including sun gold and they too are delicious   


Interestiing to read your remarks bob.   Sungold was not popular here either....sickly sweet and the splitting was off putting.

Will look up suncherry premium.  Thanks bob


Thanks Italiophile - I think I'll try growing a lot of heritage varieties next year and will probably ask you for some recommendations over the Winter.  I normally grow Marmande but I was trying several varieties for the first time and had limited space, but they're already back on the 'regular' list.  Lots of the ones I grew this year were potato-leaved varieties as I wanted to find out if they suited my palate more than those with 'ordinary' leaves, but can't say I noticed any link between leaf type and taste.

Verdun, the other half loves the sweetness of Sungold, so I'll have to keep growing those  but for me the suncherry premium (it's an F1, so not many seeds per packet) was the outstanding find of the varieties I grew for the first time this year.


Bob, there's no link between leaf type and flavour beyond Potato Leaves being likely to be heirlooms, hence likely to have more flavour than, say, a Regular Leaf hybrid. The PL shape is a recessive gene, it will disappear if crossed with a RL variety.

There was a school of thought around the heirloom tom traps that PL varieties were, for some reason, more resistant to fungal problems but I've never noticed it.

PM me your details and I'll send you a couple of nice varieties.



Oh drat and double drat - I just did a huge long post about our tomatoes this year and something happened and I lost it - I need another coffee!!!