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For breakfast??? 

Well, if I must................ it's too wet to wield the secateurs today. 

Crazy Tomato Lady

I like Kent Pink Plum Tomatoes from my local supermarket, i'm gonna try growing them next year and see if they come true to type.

Costoluto fiorentino is nice. It's a beefsteak, but I like the small cherry and medium sized ones as they have more flavor. Needs a lot of staking and can become a monster. The above posts makes me think there is better to be found, but I will grow one CF plant next year.

OH Really likes T&M Balconi yellow - a yellow cherry (sweet with a slight citrusy taste so they're not too sweet) they only grow the size of a strawberry plant and they're a bush type, but they do need staking and pruning otherwise they form a tight ball of leaves that falls over under the weight of the fruit. Crops very early and continues to produce, but they (and all my outside toms) got blight in the last couple of weeks, I need a bigger/2nd greenhouse!


Mandy, Kent Pink Plum is a proprietary variety - Sainsbury's - so it will be a hybrid. All the proprietary varieties are. It won't grow true to type but you'll get something resembling the parent in the first generation.

Costoluto Fiorentino used to be a very nice tomato in its day with plenty of flavour. It has been fiddled with commercially over the years and is now a shadow of its former self.

Crazy Tomato Lady

Thanks for the info Italophile I'll let you know how the experiment goes

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