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Getting back to the question of a hardy future, I have a variegated magellanica which has survived outside for 5 or 6 years despite winters down to -25C.   It's in a well drained spot in fertile soil and gets full sun in spring and then is shaded in summer.

It  can be late getting going again after a very hard winter but it does survive and I dare say if I gave it more TLC would recover faster.

The potty gardener

Reading this has given me enthusiasm. I think I will give it a go.I think that all the fuchsias I have have already been pinched out so I will have to start by taking a cutting and hope it roots.


Why has fuchsia become future in my post?   Mystery.

I have some more tender fuschias a friend gave me and I've overwintered those under a skylight in an attic that doesn't get below -5C and they're looking very sad.  i think we'll have to have a chat about being positive.

Thanks Brumbull. I'll get a plant tomorrow. And follow your advice

Good hardy Varieties: Army Nurse, Celia Smedley, Chillerton Beauty, Dollar Princess, Falklands, Phyllis and Snowcap to name a few. These are the ones I would not be without.


Bunny ...
Think I shall have another go with these.
Jean Genie

Very easy to do Bunny - I make them all the time for people - will post a photo of mine when it's up and running.

There is a photo of mine somewhere on this site from last year.

My would be standard snowcap is looking good. Prob about 5" high. Left all leaves, pinched out couple side shoots and, I guess, repot when roots start to show Brumbull..?
Brumbull roots coming through pot so one size up then.
Did a,standard years ago and snapped when full of flower. Think I rushed it creating too thin a main stem too soon.
Since you are,guaranteeing a show winning standard for me Brum I expect wonderful results this time.!!

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