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Hi looking for a fuchsia that i can plant outside in the garden and leave out in all seasons any advice will be very helpfull.


I've got Mrs Popple, I've had this in my garden since 2003 and it never lets me down. It is very hardy and flowers very well. I cut it back this time of the year and it quickly sends up new shoots. I love it.


Ricartonii and magellenica are words that spring to mind. I think one may be a cultivar of the other. They've been alive here for years. Alive, not thriving but I think that's down to my naff dry soil.


Have a look at Delta Sarah ,just bought some from Brookside Nursery really nice plants.

Thanks everyone i will decide which one i pick and will let you know.


Genii and Tom Thumb are dwarf hardy fuschias, Winston Churchill is also hardy, this is a larger growing one with double white centre and red outer petals. There is a lovely, small flowered very pale pink one, no idea what it is called so not much help.

Bunny ...
Are they fussy plants ? Soil ? Etc

Fuschias like a fairly rich soil and prefer growing in cool or semi shaded situations. Having said that, my Winston Churchill is growing in one of the hottest summer corners in my garden, it was there when I moved in, that may be why it survives the winters, we do not have too much severe winter weather down here in the South West, it is fairly close to a drai so the ground is always damp.

Think i will go for Ricartonii after having a look at some thanks everybody for your help.

My favourite hardy fuschia is has yellow foliage and red flowers and is tough. I cut it to the base in spring.....well I've done it already...and it makes a shrub 3 or 4 feet high Planted next to dwarf purple berberis.....atropurpurea looks superb

Verdun just when i thought problem sorted i will have a look at it thanks.

Hi andy19, plant in sun it simply shines with or without flowers
Hi andy19, planted in sun it simply shines with or without flowers
Brumbull, I grew a couple of standards once but they snapped off in the wind so been put off since. I think I should have developed a stronger stem. Actually, im now tempted to have another go. Any varieties you recommend for training as standards?

Yes have to say Gennii and its foliage is stunning Andy and Hawkshead its a white single and hardy to.


And Phylis which I am  growing as a standard its come through the winter also hardy.

I will be take tip cuttings if you would like 1.

Ok thanks Brumbull. I may just do that. Is there a fee? I can pay up to 20p



Many years ago I was growing a fuchsia cutting and I'd taken it from a friends plant with  the intention of growing it as a standard - it was doing really well and I was very proud of it, even if it was still only very much a cutting - a friend of (ex) OH came around and OH showed him the cutting I was so proud of and he reached out his hand and said .... "You should've nipped the tip out .... like this" 

OH thought it was very kind of his friend to pass on his expertise like that as obviously I didn't know what I was doing 

Hi Brumbull i whould be very interested on how u do your standard fuchsia as i fancy having a couple.


A few minutes afterwards he said, 'Unless you want to grow it as a standard you should always pinch the growing tips out."  He was a right Knowitall in every direction. 

Dove think everybody knows someone like that but it's great when they do something wrong the look on there face is funny.

Hi Brumbull, Is it best to get plug fuschia or wait awhile to get young plant before training?
Initially remove buds and shoots on lower stem? And small stake from start?