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What was your favourite garden related Christmas present received this year?

I was given a new pair of those gross looking, but highly practical plastic/rubber purple garden clogs.  They look pretty naff, they are not environmentally friendly but are hugely handy when nipping out to feed the birds or hang the washing. Other presents included a new bird box, and a new bird bath.


I had a year off garden presents having recently had a gardening birthday with lots of lovely plants.  This year it's sewing and crafting so a Sizzlix cutting machine and some dies.  Lots of fun coming up.


Nothing at all gardening related apart from the Felcos I bought myself - but lots of chocolates!!! Small compensation I know but..........

Chocolates - yum!  Due to my allergy problems I haven't been able to eat chocolate for 20+ years, but don't worry - I ate more than my share for the first 35 years of my life!

I had a die cutting machine when I used to craft Obelixx, it was fun to use and the results were amazing. I remember having an alphabet and 0 - 9 numbers, which enabled me to add ages to children's cards, some flower shapes and various other bits and bobs. Happy Crafting.

A Bosch AHS 60-26 hedge trimmer brought by my 2 daughters. I had been saving up for to buy this as it had the best reviews based on it weight and length. As it had been lovingly Christmas wrapped it appeared to look like a musical instrument with its blade protruding from its main box. 

Very happy that my daughters acknowledge my love for gardening and neat hedges ๐Ÿ˜€


I got a grape vine Lakemont. It’s a deseart variety and I am going to plant beside a door and train it up and over and around.....just what I wanted.

i gave my sons girlfriend a pair of secateurs.

Queen of the garden, now that rank you above the rest Hosta, it shows appreciation for all your efforts doesn't it.

The Bosch hedgetrimmer and Lakemont grape vine are very worthy presents, great that your efforts outside have been acknowledged greenfingers and redwing 10/10 for thoughtfulness.


The same friends bought me this

Hi Guernsey 

I already dropped hints to my daughters that I require a new petrol mower. It will be very interesting too see that Christmas wrapped๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€


I was given the opportunity to play in the garden. 

Hey watch it Guensey D, I love my outdoor shoes!  Have had a few minhaps NOT wearing them, went outside a few weeks ago, in my slippers new for my Birthday end of october, and one of my canine friends had done a *** on the path right by the washing line, hanging out the washing, didnt discover till I walked back indoors.  Now Hubby and I have a pair by door in conservatory.  I got Monties book which I asked for.

Play, what's play nut?  I only play my guitar (badly) but playing in the garden is something I haven't done for years, not since we had a set of plastic, colourful boules for our daughters.... it was fun even though the lawn was lumpy and bumpy.

Nanny, stepping in dog poo whilst wearing slippers - surely something you would only do once especially if you don't realize until you have got inside again?  I did say clogs were useful and they certainly are.  We once bought my father a pair of wooden clogs back from Amsterdam - he found them very useful to wear when getting coal in from the outdoor bunker by the back door. It saved his slippers from getting black soles.

Let us know if Monty is a good read Nanny. I thought that the Queen was a dab hand at rustling up scrambled eggs - perhaps that was a different member of the royal family.

I got a subscription to here courtesy of the other half. Mainly I suspect due to my complaining about not being able to access the Secret Garden part of the website , and obviously the forum, which is great to be able to speak to people with the same love for plants. Oh and a spade, I got a spade ! 


I got a Monty book from a good friend which i was delighted with. My mum got me a pair of those shoes mentioned earlier on, we call them bin slippers as they are excellent for nipping out to the bin. I got a box of mystery bulbs from Peter Nyssen a few days before Christmas which were a competition prize. I'm counting them as a Christmas gift as i didn't get time to plant them until Christmas eve, Christmas day. 


GD, I go on a "pick up" session first thing.Serves me right for going outside in my slippers, (especially as they were new) but honestly when it is freezing really windy, I didnt want to take them off, and wear open plastic shoes with no socks, it was so cold, I had 3 wash loads doing them because it was sunny and very windy.  Because of holding the very full washing basket in front of me, i didnt see it underneath the rotary washing line, and once the washing was hanging there, couldnt see it.  yes, its a good read.  Casual (like him) hes says hes not a professional gardener, just self taught. Hubby said he had a hell of a job to get it, course the bookshops these days at weekends tend to employ youngesters who dont actually read, and in the end he had to buy it on MY amazon account!


I got a pair of cute flower pot egg cups with tiny shovels for eating chucky eggs and a gorgeous book about secret gardens of East Anglia.

Very chuffed.


We definitely need a photo Cloggie!

LG the L

A 'potting riddle' (little sieve), an epimedium, and a pair of wire cutters solely for cutting chicken wire to make cloches etc (the squirrels dig up everything here). Everything I wanted .

It seems that most of us have been satisfied with our garden themed Christmas presents and I especially like the sound of the cute flower pot egg cups, so pictures would be appreciated. 

Our problem is the weather, and I am sure we aren't alone.  Gale force winds last night and still up to about 7 or 8 although there is sunshine and the surface of the soil is dry now.

My OH bought me a lovely Secret Garden bird jigsaw puzzle and I have just finished joining the border - that's enough for today. I will post it on here when I have finished.