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Hi all,

Just wondering when would be the best time to take Mahonia cuttings so that I can propogate some new plants for my shade garden?

Many Thanks

The recommended method is to take semi-ripe cuttings in  September - October, so probably a bit late for this year. You can also collect the berries, remove the seeds and sow in pots, but they can take a long time to germinate.

Thank you for that. Had a feeling that was the case. Oh well, will have to wait for next year

Jim Macd

You're only a bit late, I'd give it a go anyway if you don't mind losing a bit of your plant.

Might just do that. Where would be the best place to put the cutting once done. Have a potting shed, utility room window or a small polythene type walk in greenhouse?




Now is fine if you can keep them out of the frosts. They take till Spring to root.

Thanks blairs. Will give it a go. Nothing to lose with cuttings

Jim Macd

Yeah, somewhere frost free is probably best. 50:50 grit and compost. But if you have spare material you can always try a handful in a slit in the ground filled with grit. It works really well for roses, dogwoods, etc though of course every plant has a different capacity for rooting., even different plants within the same species. 

Thanks Jim Macd, will have a go. Would be nice to get some more plants especially having seen the garden center prices for 1

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