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Hi all,

I am very new to gardening as we lived in a flat before. We have moved into a house which the garden needs some tlc when we moved in the bamboo was about 8-10 foot tall I have cut it down to about 2 foot now in preparation to get rid of it but after a lot of researching I have worked out that it is a nightmare to get rid of it! Does anyone have any good ideas on the best way to get it gone. 


Alina W

There's no easy way, I'm afraid - just a lot of digging. You can also put weedkiller on new shoots.

However, it might not be as bad as you fear - not all bamboos wander, and some are fairly easy to dig out.

Digging is coming up a lot! Looks like a weekend job and lots of elbow grease it has started to wander a bit but hoping if I get it sorted now it wil not be a problem in the long run! 


If it's an invasive variety when digging up make sure you get all the roots. Roots left in the ground will regrow or migrate to other parts of the garden.

It is a bugger to get rid of. A few years ago my daughter planted one which the garden centre assured her was a non-invasive variety. Within 2 years it was coming up everywhere. That's when you ring Mum .

Armed with loppers and fork we had to dig right down and cut as much of the root as possible. Did that for the next 2 years, at which point they moved... er .. you don't live near Cardiff do you Sazac? In which case, sorry 


Got a feeling my garden my look rather sorry for itself when I'm finished digging this bugger up! I'm near Oxford  

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