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As the title says really. i love whites, blues and purples.

so far i have foxglove and planning on getting some Campanula Pyramidalis but just wondering what else i can plant straight outside?

I dont have a greenhouse and my windowsill seems to scorch seedlings i tried this year so after some that can go straight into the ground.


sowing seeds or planting plants?

Sweet williams, i thought they were a bit boring, but my f.i.l loves them so had a go, i forgot about them til they flowered this year-what a joy

Hi , i was sowing some seeds the other day - wall flowers, sweet williams going to so sow Myosotis , fox glove soon as well. 


Don't forget Honesty, it comes in white or a lovely purple, also Hesperis matronalis both great for back of the border. Seeds can be sown anytime now.


thanks for the suggestions, where do you usually buy your seeds? online or in shops?

I buy online for the most part as i dont drive, we also have a crimbo tradition of trying to find each other unusual seeds, you could always mention this to the family!

Wallflowers? Foxgloves?

beautiful and robust!

Have a look at T&Ms site, they have a section for biennials

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