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Can anyone help.  I want to sow some biennials for next year but really don't want to direct sow as I never get good results and don't have any areas of bare soil in the right places.  I really want to sow in trays or modules to nurture and grow on for planting in autumn or next spring, will this work.  Any suggestions/help would be gratefully received.

hollie hock

Hello, I don't do any direct sowing either. Your plan sounds spot on, that's what I do. I generally sow into trays and then pot on into bigger pots as the plant grows


For me I sow in small pots.  Then into trays. Then into 9cm pots.  (growth is rapid so potting on will be too) In mid to late August  I plant out into vacant part of vegetable patch.  During late October I then transplant ( my then large plants) to final positions in the garden.

I sow earlier in the May....but you should still get reasonable plants if you sow ASAP







That's fantastic, thank you.  Are there any that you've found don't work or that very much do?

hollie hock

I think wallflowers are one of easiest plants to grow from seed, I always grow them. Had good results from forget me nots as well. Sweet rockets seem to do well for me,  honesty and sweet williams.

Forgot about foxgloves as well


Great.  I've got both some nice pink tones wallflowers and lovely white foxgloves so I'll get cracking this weekend.  Thanks very much.

To add to the list, Bellis does well with me and flowers early, bee's love them. Also if you grow herbs, parsley. I'm trying Holly Hock and wallflower this year.

Cornflowers do well if the winter is mild, like the one we've just had. I keep these in the GH in pots to over winter.

hollie hock

Didn't know that Bellis is a bee favourite,not ever grown them and also didn't realise that you can over winter cornflowers.....Thanks Zoomer

I sow cornflowers at the same time as sweet pea in the GH. They've over wintered 2 out of the past 3 years, you need to fleece them if the temp drops to low. Can't remember which variety I grow but the flowers are blue/purple in colour.

Don't be lulled into trying 'snowman', that one didn't get through this winter. 

hollie hock

I was thinking about thanks. I think the blue ones are a lot more resiliant, didn't grow them this year but had a few that have popped up unexpectactly

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