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11/04/2013 at 19:37

I have looked back on this forum to get info on planting black bamboo in the ground but have still not been able to answer my questions.  I have two nigra bamboos in pots on the patio but they have not flourished and after re-organising the garden I want to plant them in a new piece of ground between a fence and decking.  I have two plastic dustbins which I can cut down and insert into the soil as understand the roots grow sideways as opposed to downwards.  Should I put soil or compost into the pots and would the roots force their way through the sides  Apparently Monty featured this problem recently and planted into metal containers but I have been unable to trace which programme it was on. 

11/04/2013 at 20:39

your right the rootd do grow sideways, but they are very easy to split of from the main plant, I did this with my black bamboo last year and just stuck them in a spent compost bag with some soil. They have survived the winter and are looking really well. A great way to get more plants and if you have no where to plant them then consider selling.

I would would plant the way you are considering. If they do start to get a bit cramped you can lift the pot and cut through the root and hay presto even more free plants.

Hope this helps

11/04/2013 at 20:41

The programme you need to watch is last Fridays Gardeners World. Have to say I have a Black Bwboo planted directly into the soil with no barrier around it. Planted around 3 years ago it looks happy enough but hasn't overgrown in any way. However if you're concerned it might be best to keep it within your old dustbins. G.World suggests they like a lot of moisture and advise putting grass cuttings around the base as mulch.

12/04/2013 at 11:36

Many thanks for your thoughts and I have now found Monty's suggestions.  I did watch that programme but think I must have fallen asleep during the bamboo section as have no recollection of it - oh! dear and Nigel was on as well.  If it doesn't rain this afternoon I'm going to tackle the job and put them in the cut-down plastic dustbins as the bottom 18" will be lower than the decking.  From what you both say, the plants should be OK.

12/04/2013 at 11:45

Black Bamboo need full sun (to go black), moist soil and to be kept out of strong wind. I have mine without a barrier and have no signs of running yet. Heavier the soil the less likely they are to run.

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