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Thomas Wilkinson2


I've had a black forest calla lily for about 3 years now. It was in flower when i first got it. I've given it a bigger pot since then, but I've had no flowers since I bought it. It comes up with plenty of foliage each year, but no flowers as of yet. Any ideas on why this is? any tips? 

Thanks Tom


Do you feed it Thomas?  Maybe Miracle Gro once a fortnight during growing season would help.

Thomas Wilkinson2

I give it a bit of feed, roughly once a month or so from spring to autumn. I'll try giving it more regularly in future, thanks.



I've stopped grow or should I say trying to grow the Calla Lily for this reason 

plenty of foliage and no flowers I've tried for about 6 years now bought with a good show of flowers but always fail to flower the following years I really think it's down to the climate we have in the UK Thomas you are not alone if you search calla lily in the search box above you will find lots and lots of old posts regarding this lily 

I moved on to Hosta's as one year all my pots containing the Lily had turned to mush I even when to my GC for advice and all they said is are you feeding it.


Hopefully an expert on this Lilly will come along with the answers you need but for me I’ve spent to much money on this Lily and failed to try again.

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Hey Thomas, do you keep your calla lily outside? I've just bought one and kind of wishing I hadn't... as the leaves have started to go yellow and I have no idea what is wrong with it... I was told it could be kept inside? Am I wrong? This is mine.. (sorry it's sideways)


Thomas Wilkinson2

Mine has been inside for most of its life. still not had much luck with it flowering. and mine has just started to come up again after dying back for the winter. Mine usually looks alright through from when it starts coming up to when it dies back in the winter. Mines in the bathroom which is rather cold most of the time so maybe yours is getting too hot? Not too sure really. I'm pretty amateur at this stuff myself. Sorry I can't help more. 


It's ok yes, it probably is getting too much heat!! I've actually moved it outside... so i'll see what happens x

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