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How and when should I prune my Black Lace elder as it is shooting fast.

Hello pauline

Its simple for me.....I cut hard to the base of each stem every year. Do it now.


Following Verdun's advice will be great if you are growing the shrub purely for the foliage - and I know that's Verdun's special enthusiasm  - but Sambucus flowers on old wood so if you want the flowers/fruit you should prune after these are over, or only prune  a proportion of the stems each year. 

Sorry Verdun 

I'm interested in the foliage mainly. So have pruned mine last week all in proportion BUT have kept one side old branch for its flowers. Have done this for the last 2 yrs....


Knew you would say that Dove ...ha ha.

I actually do differently for a friend of mine....doesnt look as good though 

Yes, for me it's about the foliage on a dense shrub.  Better flowers elsewhere methinks.

But, we all do things differently and that's great 


I've cut mine to the base and its sending up some lovely dark shoots

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