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Black leaved Cow Parsley - Anthriscus sylvestris "Ravenswing"

Germinated - how will I overwinter? Perennial or biennial?

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Family: Apiaceae         

            Common name: Black Cow Parsley                       Plant Classification:            Hardy perennial             Minimum Height: 60 cm                      Maximum Height: 90 cm                      Packet Content(approx.): 30+   My seeds didn't germinate so put them in the fridge for 2 months+ in a pot in a zipped bag, then brought out, 2 days later they germinated and already sprouting nicely after only a few days.  Googled and found Sarah Raven says they are biennial and another site says perennial?  Which is correct and how should I care for them over winter as small plants?  In the ground or in a zippy greenhouse or in the house?

They're hardy, I'd get them outside and give them a chance to grow before winter. It's just cow parsley selected for dark pigment in the leaves. A native, tough as old boots. Beware a tendency to eventually seed back to ordinary cow parsley.


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