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Victoria Sponge


I've had these tiresome plants for 4 years now and they've never once flowered.

Should the bud be noticeable at this point in growing? I always leave them just in case but I think I'll dig them up and get rid if they're not going to flower again this year...

Thank you


I've got two in a container - one flowers beautifully every year - the second one is blind every time - they obviously both get the same treatment 

Victoria Sponge

I'm thinking of resigning them to the plants I can't grow list

If I part the leaves there is nothing there, I think there should be signs by now if they were going to flower...


It's a long wait for these sometimes. I bought some in flower about 4 years ago, maybe more. No flowers since then until this year.


PS, you can tell right from the start if they're going to flower. They aren't.


Victoria Sponge

Righto Nut, thank you They're coming out. My garden isn't big enough for no-shows!


good idea Vic. Plants have to pull their weight 

Victoria Sponge

Indeed They are lucky to have lasted this long...

Part of my motivation is looking for spaces for more daffodils, so that solves a couple of problems


I've threatened two things with removal and they showed off right at the last minute and made me keep them.  Both pink too which I don't overly care for as a colour.

The garden was filled with overgrown, knotted, ugly Bergenia when I moved in and so I threw a load out as weeds then the ones I transferred to a final place were rubbish until this year after I threatened them with one more season or it's the compost heap.

The other was Nerines.  Dug up half the clump with a view to potting them up to see if I could force a flower and both halves flowered beautifully.  

Put them in a pot again, they might get scared and do something. 

Victoria Sponge

I expect to see them covered in flowers tomorrow then Cloggie Also my own ne'er do well Bergenia, hopefully­čĄö


I think the trick with the Bergenia is to remove the outside, ratty leaves like you do with Hellebores.  Well that's what I did this year and they're flowering their socks off.

I've since learned that Nerines are like Agapanthus, they like to be crowded.  I'm suspecting a bit of coincidence was at work! 

Just read up about your Frilly Teries (never grown 'em) and they are also in the Lily family and bulbous so I would seriously try stuffing them into a pot as close as you like and see what they do next year.

You're only wasting the space of a pot behind the shed that way.

...then chuck 'em if they do nowt 

Hi Victoria , persevere.

i find a deep hole , grit then leafmold.

dig up later in the year, perhaps a more shady spot.

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