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I  love blue in the garden....lots of blue flowers but blue foliage is not quite so plentyful.  There's eucalyptus, elymus magellanicus, pinks, bluish hostas, mertensia (could never keep this one) junipers like Blue Star, hebes like pagei and quicksilver and some succulents.

Any more folks?


Hi Verdun, how about Echinops 'globe thistle' or a Eryngium 'sea holly', Bugle has a blue-ish tinge to the leaves and some begonias have shaded leaves?


Cerinthe have a bluish look to the leaves.


I had melianthus in our last garden in Hants. but it fell to honey fungus. Great plant with bluish foliage, ours even flowered once.I'd say it'd be great down in the West Country.


A lot of the conifers have brilliant young blue growth e.g pinus and picea this time of year. Festuca ellijah Blue.

Yes, and some Painted ferns like Ursulas Red have bluish foliage too.  


Stachys, or lambs lugs as they are known here.  I always cut the flowering stems off. More of a grey than true blue but makes a nice contrast in the garden.


Daisy I have Ejijah Blue  


I bet it's lovely...I think it's definitely going to go onto my list of what to plant in my big bed next year once the under-gardner's potatoes and onions are out.  What kind of conditions do you grow it in, KEF?


Soil here is quite heavy but it does okay in a dry sunny spot. Currently in a pot of multi purpose as it is moving when the soil dries out a bit  I'll PM you.


I'm using quite a bit of blue foliage in my new front border - I've recently planted Daniella caerulea Casa Blue  and am very pleased with it so far.  It provides a different texture to a lot of the blue-leaved plants.

Other blue foliaged plants I've planted there are Rosa glauca, Hosta Hadspen's Blue and Sedum Spectabile 'Abbeydore' which has lovely blue/grey/green foliage. 


Helictotrichon too, lovely tall version of festuca.  

(I divide Elijah Blue every couple of years as the foliage colour declines over time)

I like cerinthe but it seeded so much I developed a dislike of it.  'tis a nice plant though.

Will check out that sedum Dove but, yes, there are some glaucous ones but usually low spreaders!  That Daniella sounds interesting too.


Abbeydore is growing with an upright habit like Autumn Joy 


 Daniella Casa Blue



Hmmm!  Very interesting.  


What about blue fescue or blue holly - ilex meserveae or euphorbia rigida? Lots of blue in various forms of eryngium.  Carex flacca Blue Zinger and carex laxiculmis and agaves would probably do well in your mild climate and there are any number of hostas big and small with and without variegation.  

Or Dianthus-pinks if they haven't already been mentioned?