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I have already written this in wild life forum and as yet no answers. cI want to put a couple of plastic  window boxes on a ledge down one side of  my wild life pond to make it into a small bog garden, the water would reach halfway up the window boxes. Would this be too wet for a bog garden, would the roots rot.

Can anyone help.


Will it have holes in the bottom  or sides? Or will it float like a boat?

I have just come back to add that I would have to put holes in the bottom but I don't know about putting them in the sides. Any ideas? It deffinately wont be floating-hopefully.

If you put in marginal plants they will be vey happy with wet fee. I have iris and marsh marigold in a bog garden and the iris are taller than me!

Also mint loves that kind of condition.

I can picture this with not only tall plants as Briggsy  says but with a not too aggressive taking over  trailing plant for over the sides . It would  add a real  natural  look to your wild life garden . any chance of some photo's when its set up ?. 

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