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got mine in the loft . beano  topper  and  charlie buchann


Nemophila a fave of mine along with Cerinthe and lets not forget the humble sweet pea. Really dislike anything "pompom" or double marigolds 

Amy Kelly

Ryan, maybe step one is working out your market, and step two is figuring out what they want to buy. What about doing a "grow it with your kids" type kit? So many children don't get a chance to garden anymore, I think parents and grandparents would like the fun/semi-educational gift, and there are great plants that you can grow on a windowsill. My first suggestion would be Eschscholzia as it grows so very quickly in next to no soil. Maybe that's not the best plant out there, but it's hard to beat for growing fast, looking good, and not resenting being neglected.

Maybe do a themed "fairy" garden with a sort of miniature wildflower mix, or a "dinosaur" garden with foliage plants?


Nut, what time of year should I plant, should they be sown straight into the ground?


I start them in earlyish spring in pots in the cold GH

First time round a friend gave me a few seeds and they all germinated.

They seed themselves around now but I do find they sometimes get out of sync. Germinate late summer and die in winter

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