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Hello you lovely lot! 

Im wanting to bring start a 'great British annual revival' around my area by sowing, growing and selling annuals. Inspiration given to me from Fidgetbones, I'm wanting to know what everyone's favourite and least favourite annuals are, and I know you lot don't hold back 

Hiya Ryan,  hmmmm, interesting question.  Not really an annual guy but can I say tomato?  I know you meant flower really 

Least favourite annual must be marigold.  


Hi Ryan

I like escholzias, but maybe I can't spell it. I like some of the more subtle colours as well as the bright orange, but not as a mix.

I can't think of any that I don't like but I don't grow many


Nasturtiums, especially the cream and peach coloured ones.  So versatile and easy to grow too - just poke them in the soil where you need some ground cover, or into a pot where they can trail beautifully, or use climbing varieties to cover a trellis.  Job done!

Oooh, lovely topic! Poppies in all varieties are wonderful. Nigella has good flowers and interesting seedheads. Sweet peas and night-scented stock have great perfume. I could go on and on! I don't think I'd buy annual plants though, they are easy to grow from seed. You might get angry customers wanting to know why their plants died over winter!



For selling I would do the following bedding plants in dozens.

white ayssum, blue lobelia, dwarf french marigolds, african marigolds, nemesia, 10 wk stocks, cosmos sonata, rudbeckia cherry brandy, rudbeckia cherokee, pansies, ostrich plume asters, cineraria maritimum silver dust.

 Ryan I have  PM you.


Also godetia, nicotiana, mesembyanthemum, tagetes,phlox drummondi, petunias.

All half hardy annuals to be sown under glass, pricked out and then ready to sell in May. A lot of this is old fashioned bedding, but the garden ventres and market stalls sell masses in may and june.


Cosmos every year for me  And rudbeckia Indian Summer is a favourite too

  1. Are we beiNg asked for our personal favourites or for those we might sell or buy?  Busy lizzies, the new guinea hybrids, would be a favourite on the market stalls.  Easy to propagate, early to flower even on very, very young plants and very popular.  Throw in the (perennial but best treated as an annual) heliotrope arborescens which is an easy plant to propagate and sells immediately when it's scent is noticed 

I wasn't paying attention. My eschscholzias (I looked up how to spell that) would be useless for selling.



Cerinths are agreat bet. They look unusual, can be sown in Autumn and flowering by June, then save seed for the following year. They also do perfectly well from a March sowing.

Cerinthe also self seed prolifically for me Punkdoc. 

Just read your profile notes Ryan.  Very impressive.  Hope you will give discounts on your nursery to us on the forum   Ha ha 

I would concentrate on subjects which do well in hanging baskets and containers particularly if your target market is urban. They often have little space for traditional bedding or the time to plant out large quantities. One of the nurseries near me offer a basket and container replanting service using the plants they also grow. They must make quite a good profit on that. I grow the easy reliable annuals from seed (e.g ageratum, marigolds, cosmos) and buy the more difficult ones (begonia, impatiens, lobelia). Another local nursery sells 4 inch square pots of seedlings from late March for £3.95 (about the price of a packet of F1 seeds). After a couple of weeks in a heated greenhouse, I can usually reliably prick out 50 - 60 plants from each pot. Much better than I usually get from seed of these varieties. And of course what the nursery doesn't sell in March, they prick out and grow on for sale in April in plug trays or May in 6's or 12's   

Secret Squirrel


I grew these in the summer, coco sun, dwarf sunflowers. multiple heads. Great value



I love Cerinthe, I tried from seed one year with no results; any tips Verdun?

Hiya Artjak.   Mine were self sown.  There's also a yellow flowered variety.


I've found them very reliable germinators. I never use heat artjak,do you?

Ok, I think I've got my list  Thanks guys. 

Artjak, I sowed a packet of 10 bought from and put them in a half seed tray with just seed compost, J.I. Seed and Cutting and watered them and put them in one of my cheap littlegrow houses. They germinated within two weeks, 9 of them anyway. However, when I went on holiday last month I left them quite dry and by the time I got back a week later, they had completely rotted. However I shall try again with another packet bought from tesco in the sale 

Mark, those sunflowers look good, how did they perform for you?